Tristan and Isolde

Tristan in Wagner’s Tristan and IsoIde
English National Opera / cond. Dietfried Bernet / dir. David Alden

“David Rendall makes a splendid Tristan, notable as much for his clarion tone at climaxes as for a real sense of musical line. This is some of ENO’s strongest casting in a long time. The audience, judging by its roars, knows it.”
John Allison, The Times, 27 May 2003

“David Rendall performs with a fortitude and stamina unusual even for Wagner.”
Andrew Pierce, The Times, May 2003

“David Rendall’s Tristan gets deep into his character’s Act 3 anguishes.”
David Murray, Financial Times, May 2003

“Rendall sings with a combination of beauty, steadiness and great heft.”
Tim Ashley, The Guardian, May 2003