Pre-Classical / Classical / Post-Classical

AllOnEdgeThis is just a quick interlude blog to let you all know that I am still alive and writing my blog….there is still more to come!

When I was sixteen and just leaving Secondary School to commence a career at the BBC, I sang with a pop group.  We performed covers of well established bands like the Beatles, Rolling Stones, Kinks, Animals and so on, and were did very well.  We were called All on Edge and the line up was Chris Cooksey on lead guitar, Gene Hartfield on rhythm guitar, Norman Snell on bass guitar and John Edge on drums.  I of course was the front man on vocals.

In 1966 we went to a studio, R.G. Jones of Morden, and made our first record.  It was an EP, with two songs on each side.  On side 1 was ‘Alright’ (a cover of the Searchers 1963 hit) and ‘Nowhere Man’ by the Beatles.  On the B side we recorded ‘Summertime’ by Gershwin and ‘Shaking all Over’ by Johnny Kidd and the Pirates.

Here is ‘Alright’ for you to hear.  The quality is not great as it was a metal disc covered in shellac and some bits have fallen off over the years.

The Classical period took over my life for the next 40 plus years – and a great career I had – until of course that dreadful accident in Copenhagen in 2005 brought it all to an end.

Here is a video recording of Canio’s aria, ‘Vesti la giubba’, from Pagliacci by Leoncavallo, filmed by BBC Wales, from St. David’s Hall in Cardiff.


My Post-Classical era is a bit of fun for me.  Coming round full circle in a way and going back to the Pop/Rock days of my youth.  My daughter Nell is singing with a band called Danze Macabre (be sure to check them out on YouTube and Facebook).  They are really old school rockers and write all their own songs.  They have just completed their first album (which will be published soon) and a rock musical, which I also had a hand in.  There will be more about that at a later date.

I asked them if I could record a song in their studio and they very kindly made a completely different arrangement for me, which I recorded on July 21st 2015. I hope you enjoy it.

The House of the Rising Sun

©Treasure Island Music – Arrangement by Mark and Steve Owers.



4 thoughts on “Pre-Classical / Classical / Post-Classical

  1. How good were ALL those clips David … including Nell whom I found on YouTube, Jamaica Inn (and rock really isn’t my thing, but she and her group are excellent!). Glad you’re okay – you’ve obviously been very busy, but I have been looking forward to the next instalment of your blog. Best Ruth xx

  2. What a delight to see a new entry from you! Thank you for filling in the picture a bit more. (As a Gershwin scholar, I’m now madly curious to know what that “Summertime” could have sounded like!) — Best wishes from your faithful reader “Rinaldo”

  3. Welcome back David, we’ve missed you. I enjoyed your Pagliacci and, yes you’re back in harness, a departure, but what a range! KBO m’dear! Derek x

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