Snip, Schnapps and Simon

CroweCage02It was in 1994, a year after the birth of our son Huw, that my wife and I came to the decision that having more children was not a good idea. After all, I had five of my own (two from a previous marriage) and she had four, three of those being with each other.  Our family was complete, two handsome boys, one each end, framing the two beautiful girls in the middle. Edward, Eleanor, Amelia and Huw.  Of course, like most families we shortened their names, with the exception of our youngest and they ended up as Ed, Nell, Mimi and Huw. Continue reading


Trial, tribulation and Tosca

lewes_crown_court_interior_woodworkIt was back in June 1985, when I returned home from the MET tour, that I realised my first marriage was not destined to last.  I had been on a serious diet, and by my return to the UK, I had lost 85 pounds in weight.  I was being picked up at Gatwick Airport by my wife, who didn’t recognise me, despite having walked past me five or six times before I said hello. Continue reading